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#1 $SOL Staking NFT Collection

We are the first $SOLANA NFT Project to reward our Community as much as the Creators! A special staking design that allows everyone to become successful together!
Price .45 SOL
March 24, 2023
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CryptoGIFs Free Mint

Our collection is built on the Solana blockchain, which provides lightning-fast transaction speeds and low fees, making it the perfect platform for our project. Each Crypto GIF is a one-of-a-kind NFT, with its own distinct traits and attributes.
March 25, 2023
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Gen 2 mint

Money Monsters is a community-owned collection of unique PFP NFTs. The project was formed in Feb 2022 as a derug in response to numerous rugs from the same devs. The community came together and rebranded and Money Monsters was born. Now 1 year on we are excited to announce the launch of gen 2 3D Money Monsters With a limited supply of just 444, these super cool NFTs carry a 2x staking multiplier. All gen 1 holders are eligible for 1 free mint (token to be sent out 48 hours before mint) Holders of Money Monsters gen 1 and 2, Fcked Catz, and Celebrity Fcked Catz can stake to earn $BUX Cash out your $BUX for Sol from the community staking wallet at any time by opening a ticket in our discord server.
Price 0.2 SOL
March 31, 2023
Money Monsters
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Cyberskies :: Netr1pp3r$

The Netrippers have always been different from the others. They were able to anticipate the facts and take a strategic advantage at the most delicate moment, always being one step ahead. They formed a select group to prevent the power from falling into the wrong hands, with X.XXX individuals, each with unique and unmistakable characteristics. price> TBD
Price 4 SOL
April 1, 2023
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Warbuds Red Vs Blue

Warbuds is a gaming ecosystem that offers gaming services for Web3 projects and communities. Our aim is to be the first ecosystem to combine the value of digital collectibles with the joy of authentic gaming experiences while connecting members of the elite gaming society from around the world in one place. *Warbuds!* By providing a carefully developed platform connecting the gaming community in regular all-out competitions, Warbuds is introducing features that allow players to participate in a variety of popular third-party games for a small fee and win the prize pool. Inhabited by 3000 **REDS** and 3000 **BLUES** The Warbuds platform is designed to be scalable and implementable by projects and DAOs who would like to host their own tournaments and matches. These features will be used to reward early adopters and Warbuds NFT holders, and will provide a unique opportunity for our community to earn rewards through participation in our contests and tournaments!
April 11, 2023
Warbuds Red Vs Blue
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Axiom X

Introducing Axiom X, an exciting new NFT project offering 10,000 unique passes for purchase. Each pass grants access to the exclusive Axiom Club, where members receive early and free digital access to the first volume of the Axiom X comic book series, as well as early access to merchandise and discounts. By joining the Axiom Club, members gain access to exclusive perks and benefits throughout the project, including early access to upcoming volumes of the Axiom X comic book series, new merchandise collections, and more exciting rewards. Join us on this journey and experience the thrill of Axiom X!
Price 1 SOL
April 14, 2023
Axiom X
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Passive Income NFT Club Mint

PINC Liquidity DAO is created by the Passive Income NFT Club. The DAO provides liquidity and shares the revenue with the holders. PINC Liquidity Background To grow the war chest of the Genesis DAO, we have started providing liquid for NFT loans. Because the results were above expectations, we decided to set up a specific DAO for this: PINC Liquidity. After the launch of PINC Liquidity, we will start by providing liquid for NFT loans. When PINC Liquidity and the market are ready we will use other liquidity-providing options like AMM pools. We will always search for the lowest risk and highest interest options. How does NFT Lending work? Borrowers can lend crypto from PINC Liquidity and will provide their NFT as collateral. After the loan period, they can either pay the loan back with interest or default the NFT. When the NFT gets defaulted PINC Liquidity can decide to keep the NFT and sell it for profit. Proof of concept PINC has always been in favor of demonstrating proof of concepts before making expectations statements to others. The Genesis DAO has already made 100+ SOL profit by providing loans to Sharky.fi and the Microshares DAO 30+ SOL. These results have been set up in a short period and with small funding. To get an extra proof of concept where we can fully focus on providing liquidity we started a small Liquidity Shares Pool with PINC investors. This project serves as an additional proof of concept for the launch of PINC Liquidity. Results Liquidity Shares Project Results January 2023 Total LSP revenue: 9.54 SOL Total revenue per share: 0.33 SOL Total shares: 28 | 10 SOL each Current Shares Value: 10.33 SOL Running time: 13 days Realized APY: 156.34% Results February 2023 Total LSP revenue: 24.93 SOL Total revenue per share: 0.87 SOL Total shares: 28 | 10 SOL each Current Shares Value: 11.20 SOL Running time: 41 days Realized APY: 164.50% Revenue projections Although we are very careful about creating expectations about revenue, we can share our targets. With PINC Liquidity we focus on 150%-200% APY. This means we aim to triple the mint funds within one year, after reinvesting. This is still a pretty cautious prediction. Borrowers often pay back much faster and the defaulted NFTs (that can be sold with profit) are not even included in these projections. PINC Liquidity Tokenomics Supply: 5000 Public mint price: 3 Mint date: April 2023
Price 3 SOL
April 28, 2023
Passive Income NFT Club - Liquidity DAO