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Raddx Gaming Metaverse

The RADDX Car Racing Game Metaverse Brings You A Garage Of Super-Awesome Racing Cars, Accessories, & Rewards. You Can Even Own Digital Land!
Price 25 Matic
April 5, 2023
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Cult & Rain Drop 002

Following two sold-out mints of Sneakers and Varsity Jackets, CULT&RAIN presents DROP 002 401 animated NFTs each backed by a luxury PHYSICAL Hoodie! - 4 unique colorways, 2 print editions - NFC-chipped + linked to original minted NFT - Free shipping worldwide always - Produced in LA by Fear of God - Rarest editions receive FREE pair of SNEAKERS as a BONUS utility - Tradable on a secondary marketplace where NFT+Physical trade together - Matching AR wearables via DRESSX Mint Details: Supply: 401 NFTs+Hoodies Public Mint Price: .25 ETH VIP Mint Price: .21 ETH MINTING MARCH 28TH 3pm EST
Price .25 ETH
March 28, 2023
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The Junkyard

The Junkyard is a decentralized dump owned by a bunch of crazy rats. It’s a place where you can throw away your shitty NFTs to clean your wallet (and OpenSea) while earning some Junkcoin, but it’s also a nice way to try your luck at fishing some rare NFTs abandoned by degens in order to rescue the most valuable ones. You can do 2 things: DUMPING and FISHING NFTs - Connect your Ethereum wallet and select the crappiest NFTs you own to throw into the Junkyard. The more valuable the NFT you dump, the more Junkcoin you'll earn. - For a small fee, fish for NFTs in the Junkyard and try your luck at rescuing valuable ones. You have a 100% chance of catching something. Our mint is FREE so don't waste anytime and join the Secret Rat Society NOW.
March 29, 2023
The Junkyard
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What are Rifters? Rifters is a series of community engagement competitive games, designed to get communities playing and competing against each other. All games combine together to create many paths one can pursue to help their community From treasure hunting, tournaments, social quests, PVP, role-playing, deep stories, strategy, leaderboards, and many more It is one of a kind game, that defines a new Genre that can revolutionize gaming across multiple chains. Multiple ETH Communities will battle each other and the world itself using their own NFT collections in-game. This is a story-based RPG with PVP and PVE elements This is a Play to Earn game where players can mint completely unique items from in-game This is a community event that will drive discussion and engagement for all player groups and DAOs involved The worlds of Rifters: RIFTERS Story-based PVE and community PVP LEGENDS OF THE RIFT Action and Esports CHRONICLES Engagement and world building THE VERSE/DVM Gamified Minting and Auctions RIFTWAR Mass warfare and community strategy Vision: To become the premier developer and publisher of web3/crypto games and lead the way for innovation of engagement, adoption and monetization. Rifters in Numbers: https://twitter.com/degeneratenews/status/1596415958301954048?s=46&t=eXKYU_8iNDIjTBkn8mbQeg #1 MONETIZED NTF SALE DURING THE BEAR MARKET ON SOLANA Cost to build game: $350,000 Genre: 2D Story RPG Social Layer DAOs play their NFTs in a ‘ready player one' style competition for a $1M Prize Pool REVENUE $2,700,000 NFT raise in October. A single item was auctioned for $22,000. On ETH: We already got multiple communities on board: BAYC, MAYC through Apelist, Azuki through Azuki Alpha, Clone X, Godjira, Doodles, Zooverse, TBD Kitchen, Cool Cats,
Price 0.2 ETH
December 7, 2023
Community First Games