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Raddx Gaming Metaverse

The RADDX Car Racing Game Metaverse Brings You A Garage Of Super-Awesome Racing Cars, Accessories, & Rewards. You Can Even Own Digital Land!
Price 25 Matic
April 5, 2023
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Cult & Rain Drop 002

Following two sold-out mints of Sneakers and Varsity Jackets, CULT&RAIN presents DROP 002 401 animated NFTs each backed by a luxury PHYSICAL Hoodie! - 4 unique colorways, 2 print editions - NFC-chipped + linked to original minted NFT - Free shipping worldwide always - Produced in LA by Fear of God - Rarest editions receive FREE pair of SNEAKERS as a BONUS utility - Tradable on a secondary marketplace where NFT+Physical trade together - Matching AR wearables via DRESSX Mint Details: Supply: 401 NFTs+Hoodies Public Mint Price: .25 ETH VIP Mint Price: .21 ETH MINTING MARCH 28TH 3pm EST
Price .25 ETH
March 28, 2023
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The Junkyard

The Junkyard is a decentralized dump owned by a bunch of crazy rats. It’s a place where you can throw away your shitty NFTs to clean your wallet (and OpenSea) while earning some Junkcoin, but it’s also a nice way to try your luck at fishing some rare NFTs abandoned by degens in order to rescue the most valuable ones. You can do 2 things: DUMPING and FISHING NFTs - Connect your Ethereum wallet and select the crappiest NFTs you own to throw into the Junkyard. The more valuable the NFT you dump, the more Junkcoin you'll earn. - For a small fee, fish for NFTs in the Junkyard and try your luck at rescuing valuable ones. You have a 100% chance of catching something. Our mint is FREE so don't waste anytime and join the Secret Rat Society NOW.
March 29, 2023
The Junkyard

In the Spotlight NFT 

In The Spotlight” – explores regular-season moments when some of the best players in league history delivered in the spotlight, from rookies making their first big splash to seasoned veterans in rivalry games. It's centered around that iconic Favre performance against the Raiders, memorialized as the first Ultimate-tier Moment ever to be released on NFL ALL DAY. [caption id="attachment_54886" align="aligncenter" width="545"]In the Spotlight NFT  In the Spotlight NFT 
Image Credit: Flowverse[/caption]

When and Where

In the Spotlight NFTs are running on NFT All Day on April 22. With a mint count of just 10. First Ultimate-tier Moment ever released: game melt of Brett Favre's iconic performance against the Raiders in 2003 after his father passed. $84 per pack.4 Moments per pack.

About In the Spotlight  Creator, NFL ALL DAY

NFL ALL DAY is a premium collectible product, with Moments that currently fit into 3 different levels of rarity. Similar to a pack of collectible trading cards, an NFL ALL DAY Pack contains Moments that feature some of the best plays in football Shop our Marketplace to instantly buy specific Moments of your favorite players and teams.   Creator: In the Spotlight Blockchain: Flow Marketplace: NFL ALL DAY

Kumite NFT Character Series by HeroMaker Studios

HeroMaker Studios is championing the next generation of comic books with the launch of its first character series, Kumite. The debut NFT drop consists of 9,600 generative superheroes and villains. HeroMaker Studios is the first Web3 ecosystem for comic books. Its vision is to empower a billion people to create and engage with original character franchises by 2025. Through unique, creator-first partnerships with top artists, writers, and influencers worldwide, it aims to launch new stories and characters that will inspire fans globally. So Kumite is just the first of many upcoming NFT drops.

About Kumite NFT Characters Series

Kumite's roadmap represents how HeroMaker Studios plans to bring stories to life with technology. The characters in this initial NFT drop are the future stars of community-driven comic books, games, merchandise, etc. There is a total supply of 9,600 art pieces designed by an art team led by Clark Huggins on the Ethereum blockchain. Using the ERC-721 standards, each NFT is unique and will provide full commercial rights to the holder.

Gareb Shamus, a co-founder of HeroMaker Studios, says, "We're so proud to release Kumite into the world. HeroMaker is a creative playground – not just for writers and artists who want a place to launch their next creation but also for the fans and collectors who have been craving new ideas, new stories, and new ways to experience characters in the Metaverse."

Pre and public sales are still TBA, so follow the project on Twitter or Discord to get real-time updates.
HeroMaker Studio

Bill Murray NFT Collection – Coinbase NFT Marketplace

Seasoned actor and comedian Bill Murray is unveiling his past and musings through an NFT collection. The Caddyshack and Ghostbusters actor is teaming up viral photo site and streaming company The Chive to enter the NFT space.

Bill Murray's NFT Offering

Basically, each token in the Official Bill Murray NFT 1000 will have a unique graphic of Murray. Then, the major twist is that it comes with a text of a brief anecdote. Murray either revealed the tales to the company or it has been verified from previously published material. Chive Media Group co-founder John Resig shared that this NFT project started very candidly. He said, "I asked Bill's thoughts about all the Bill Murray stories swirling about. Bill gave a surprisingly candid answer. He said I like them just fine. I was even present for a few. Bill leaned in with that mischievous twinkle in his eye but there are more stories out there, better stories." The rest, as they say, is history. A sample Bill Murray story posted Tuesday was about Murray's phone: "It appears to be an eight-year-old Blackberry Classic. He's nicknamed the relic 'Bill Urry' Why? The 'M' key doesn't work. If you've received a text from Bill in the last five years, the M's are omitted. Considering Bill prefers texting to talk, that's a lot of missing M's." The "Official Bill Murray NFT 1000" will be one of the first projects to debut on Coinbase's upcoming NFT marketplace. Proceeds for the first token up for auction will go entirely to charity. Most of the details are still TBA, including the official drop date. So follow The Chive Media Group on Twitter to get the latest scoop.
Chive Media Group

Baz Tour NFTs

BAZ TOUR is a 7,200 generative NFT project that features the artwork of @kyokill_ and is focused on putting art at the intersection of web3 and golf. This NFT project is intended to allow people both an identity and utility on the course. [caption id="attachment_54506" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Baz Tour NFTs Baz Tour NFTs
Image Credit: Opensea[/caption]

When and Where

Baz Tour will be running from April 18, 2022, to April 25, 2022, on the OpenSea marketplace. Joining the BAZ TOUR allows each member to have a front-row seat. Additionally, see the opportunity that web3 has for IRL on-course use-cases. Use-cases range from a community-involved golf brand as well an opportunity to generate utility that can eventually be used on-course. Tee off with the BAZ TOUR and learn more about the community that powers the Front 9. Kyokill Digital Illustrator/designer from Perth, Western Australia. Steadily building a body of work heavily influenced by my sunny, palm-filled hometown, dashed with a huge dose of retro-futuristic, violently pastel cityscapes, people, and concept tech from the 70s-90s era.

About Baz Tour Creator

My actual name is Kurtis, I just turned 30 and I’m a self-taught Digital Illustrator / Graphic Designer based in sunny little Perth, Western Australia. I illustrate a whole bunch of violent/pastel/chrome/retro stuff mostly under the name Kyokill - Kurtis Yok Illustrations - and have been for just under 4 years. If you’d ask me to describe my artwork ‘style’ I honestly couldn’t give you a straight answer. Basically, I just sit down and draw what I think looks good. Never had any formal training, don’t really know any art/color theory, and am actually Deutan color blind (yeah, shades of purple/blue/pink, yellow/green I can rarely tell apart).   Creator: Baz Tour Marketplace: OpenSea Blockchain: Ethereum
Baz Tour 

Crypto Ladies Club NFTs

Crypto Ladies сlub is an empowering female-led community for ladies and supporters with a shared interest in anything crypto, tech, and business. Our club is powered by an NFT collection of 5,555 distinctive one-of-a-kind ladies living and thriving on the Solana blockchain. We aim to create empowering connections for women on and off the metaverse. [caption id="attachment_54509" align="aligncenter" width="1078"]Crypto Ladies Club NFTs Crypto Ladies Club NFTs
Image Credit: CryptoLadiesClub[/caption]

Crypto Ladies Club Roadmap 1.0.

We will not stop collecting ideas from our community members and finding new ways to make a positive impact as we want this project to transcend the metaverse. Launch of website and social media channels. 500 white-list spots with exclusive pre-sale access to the NFT collection. Public sneak peeks of the collection. Listing the project on multiple NFT calendars. Pre-minting 55 unique NFTs from the collection to give away to the most active members and biggest fans. Weekly contests/games on our Discord channel. Cross-over promotions with other NFT projects.

Mint date announcement

Crypto Ladies Club will be running on the OpenSea marketplace from April 18, 2022 to April 25, 2022. Distribution of special OG roles to our most supportive members. Minting available to our white-listed members who will have 12h to mint before public launch. Minting available to the general public. Launch of an updated version of our website including a members area, rarity tool and merchandise store. Letting our Crypto Ladies сlub community pick charities to support. Random NFT airdrops to long-term holders. Organize our first networking events, charity fundraisings and launch a mentorship program. CLC DAO to open for participation by our CLC members. Collectively identify promising crypto ventures to support.   Creator: Crypto Ladies Club Marketplace: OpenSea Blockchain: Ethereum
Crypto Ladies Club

BeU NFT Collection

BeU NFT or BeYou in full form, means you get to be yourself, your true self, true nature, unique self. It is a collection of 10,000 unique Matryoshka dolls wandering around the Polygon blockchain. "<yoastmark

When and Where

BeU NFT will be running from May 08, 2022 – May 15, 2022, on the OpenSea marketplace. With 713 different traits, every character is generated by a random algorithm which ensures that each character is unique and distinctive from the others! We are welcoming anyone who has their own character to join us to unlock the judgment-free dimension.

BeU NFT Collection

What’s best is that with every mint, you will get 2 NFTs. Each BeU comes with an egg. The egg carries an embryo of a BeU inside. It will hatch eventually in about 2-4 months after you’ve minted the BeU NFT. For this project, it will be available for purchase on our website through the minting page and you are able to buy a maximum of 30 BeU per wallet address. Started from scratch, BeU is a project that makes everyone feel like home, as well as a unique doll that brings out your best character and personality. Creator: BeU NFT Blockchain: Polygon Marketplace: OpenSea

Crypto Poly NFT

The Crypto Poly Wealth Club is a private collection of 7,777 wealthy uncles waiting patiently in their respective mansions, wasting no time in being bold and chic. The rich uncles resting in their wealthy mansions include a vast selection of unique digital collectibles. They are dressed in over 180+ creatively modeled 3D features. Stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain, hosted on IFPS. We now invite you to take a closer look at a club that redefines elegance! [caption id="attachment_53989" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Crypto Poly NFT Crypto Poly NFT
image Credit: RaritySniper[/caption]

When and Where

Crypto Poly will be running from After acquiring the most luxurious and fastidious properties around the globe, wealthy uncles grew impatient, as they wished to conquer the 21st century as well. Soon enough they discovered a path to a metaverse, immortalizing themselves through space and time. Plus, they found a way to diversify their numerous assets even further. With the help of state-of-the-art blockchain technology, their identities became as unique as their irreplicable personalities

Crypto Poly ROADMAP

Pour your favorite whiskey with ice, get comfortable in your designer-made suit, and light up a Cuban cigar. Drenched in the thick and tasty cloud of Cuban goodness, all you need to focus on is the number 7. Once you join the Wealth Club all the benefits will promptly present themselves. 20%
The liberating essence of wealthy uncles resonates in every step our community takes forward. With that in mind, a fund of $ 40,000 is readily available to support the ambitious undertakings of our closely-knit community. Moreover, a 1% fee from Opensea will be dedicated to exponentially increasing the possibilities and a bright future of Crypto Poly. 30%
We want to bring our concept and amazing design to your home with a high-quality piece of art. Every holder (for more than 1 month) will receive a canvas with their own NFT(s). After several talks with artists, we have decided to reward the holders of a legendary/supreme Rich Uncles with a handmade painting from a talented, well-known artist. 40%
To show that appreciation even further, we have quite a surprise if you come across a question mark on your Rich Uncle NFT - as the famous game this is your CHANCE. An immediate $10,000 bonus in Eth is at your fingertips! Only 7 Rich Uncles have a « ❔ » on them. 50%
Crypto Poly will open a gateway to exclusive investments and business clubs: REAL ESTATE, ART, E-COMMERCE, STARTUP, STOCKS, CRYPTO, and exclusive opportunities such as IDO, ICO... Also various meetings, conferences, and social events are located in: London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York FREE ENTRY FOR ALL HOLDERS. The flourishing of our valued community is what drives the entire movement. 70%
All the carats of gold, diamonds, classic cars, and lavish mansions would mean nothing if we don’t know how to share. For that reason, the Wealth Club will donate $40,000 to one reputable charity picked by a vote from our caring community. Remembering where we come from is important.   Creator: Cryptopoly Blockchain: Ethereum Marketplace: OpenSea
Crypto Poly

Bob Dylan with NFTs by Sony and Universal Music

Bob Dylan NFTs will be released soon. Snowcrash, a startup focused on the Solana blockchain, has announced that Sony Music and Universal Music Group will be a part of its upcoming platform, which later this year is planning Bob Dylan and Miles Davis NFT drops. [caption id="attachment_42214" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Bob Dylan NFT Bob Dylan NFT by Universal & Sony in conjunction with Snowcrash
Image Credit: MusicBusinessWorldwide[/caption]

What They Are

NFTs are unique tokens that exist on a blockchain like Ethereum or Solana. The music industry has taken a strong interest in NFTs as a way to further monetize artists and content. With musicians like Dolly Parton, Steve Aoki, Kings of Leon, and 3lau cultivating NFT-focused brands. Sony Music is planning to work with Snowcrash to “develop a range of opportunities for our recording artists. This is with a focus on delivering accessible, user-friendly experiences for both creators and fans,” Dennis Kooker, Sony’s president of global digital business, said in a statement. If the name ‘Snowcrash’ sounds familiar, that’s because Snow Crash is the name of the influential 1992 science fiction novel, by author Neal Stephenson, who coined the now widely-used web3 term ‘metaverse’.

Bob Dylan NFT Goals

According to Snowcrash’s website, the platform believes that “Web 3.0 will push machines to the center and humans to the edge (now we have humans at the center and machines at the edge)”. It adds: “This reversal implies the construction of a digital twin of the natural world (from 1 to 1′). Turning atoms into bits has now become possible because of NFTs and DeFi as the crypto-economy of the Metaverse.” Michael Nash, Universal Music’s EVP of Digital Strategy, echoed Kooker’s belief that Snowcrash will provide artists with new opportunities. Sony and Universal joining Snowcrash is just the latest example of big labels diving into NFTs and Web3. Warner Music Group recently announced a partnership with blockchain gaming company Splinterlands, citing a desire to get its musicians into play-to-earn games. Creator(s): Sony Music and Universal Music Group Blockchain: Solana Marketplace: Snowcrash
Price TBA

Barbarian Battles Drop

An epic online game where you can use your Barbarian NFT to battle in wars and tournaments and win gold and gems. Mint Barbarians and have a chance to win one of 217 Chests containing 150 NFTs and 40 ETH!
Barbarian Battles

Five Lions NFT Drop

Chinese Lion Dance inspired, created by an award-winning animation studio. Lots of celebrity collaborations to be announced soon. Minter gets lifetime royalty fees. Supply : 8,888 / Price : 0.06 ETH
October 6, 2021
Five Lions

Little Ninjas Dojo Drop

Little Ninjas Dojo are a collection of 3,333 randomly generated little ninjas on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have over 90+ total traits, all with different rarities. 3‘333 Supply / 0.0333 ETH price
October 7, 2021
Little Ninjas Dojo

Skids Drop

Skids are a band of 8,888 fugitive tech-savvy hackers that live within this 90's/retro style world much more technologically advanced than our own. 8‘888 Supply / 0.0777 ETH price
October 7, 2021


An exclusive collaboration with world-renowned illustrator Anjelica Roselyn. Her vibrant, bold avatars embody a high fashion approach never before seen in the NFT space. 100 supply / 200 ADA price
October 8, 2021
Spacey Studios

CorruptCatz Drop

Corrupt Catz are 10,000 algorithmically generated felines with unique attributes like you’ve never seen before. 10,000 supply / 2 SOL price
October 8, 2021

Bothead Collection Drop

BOTHEAD is a rare NFT collectible with top-of-the-line artwork. They have mysteriously appeared on Earth to celebrate the beauty of this planet. 10,000 supply / 0.08 ETH price
October 9, 2021

The Hooligans Drop

The Hooligans is a collection of 9,999 unique 1/1 gaming avatars who hacked their way onto the Ethereum blockchain. 9,999 supply / 0.06 ETH price
October 9, 2021
The Hooligans

The Bull Herd Drop

The Bull Herd is a rambunctious group of 10,000 bovine ( 50% male & 50% female) who spend their time grazing (causing havoc) in the metaverse. 10,000 supply / 2 SOL price
October 9, 2021
The Bull Herd


Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) is a form of machine learning in an unsupervised manner. 1‘111 Supply //0.1 ETH price, 50% for GAN Ape holders.
October 9, 2021


Crypto-native animated comedy Hail Draconis launches first-look episode! The Reptilian blockchain takeover begins Oct 9 @10pm. Don't become a blood sacrifice... buy Reptilian Coin and join the Horde!
October 10, 2021
Hail Draconis

Artificial Ape Intelligence Drop

Haiku poems generated with artificial ape intelligence feeding on an odd mixture of financial pop culture and crypto news articles as well as philosophical text and mystical poetry. 144 supply / 0.1 ETH price
October 10, 2021

Wolf Club 86 Drop

The Wolf Club 86 is a collection of 10.000 Wolves NFTs —unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. 10,000 supply / 0.04 ETH price
October 10, 2021
Wolf Club 86

Cyber Jurrassic – NFT Drop

There are 10 types of Dino born in Gen.0 that will expand to more unique varieties of their type. Mint price 0,05 ETH  
October 11, 2021
Cyber Jurassic

Pack Sale

12th October at 6 PM UTC (2 PM EST) Whitelist form More details
October 12, 2021
NFT Panda: World of Fantasy

⚔️ Arcadians NFT Drop

Arcadians is a collection of 10,000 NFT avatars built around the arcade of the metaverse! We are an NFT project that comes with in-game utility and play-to-earn mechanics. Price 0.055 ETH
October 12, 2021

StrongDoge Drop

StrongDoge is built around a game in which each NFT token is a character with special traits, it will be possible to pump strength, stamina, and other indicators. 10,000 supply / 0.05 ETH price
October 12, 2021

Mafia vs Police Drop

Mafia vs Police (MvP) is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated unique mafia and police portraits in the form of NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 10,000 supply / 1 SOL price
October 13, 2021
Mafia VS Police

Daughters of Rainbow Drop

Daughters of Rainbow NFT is the latest cool projects with 1,523 unique and diverse NFT daughters collection. First 100 buyers will get 1 free NFT! 999 supply / o.o5 ETH price
October 13, 2021
Daughters of Rainbow NFT

Pug Force Drop

Pug Force is a mind-blowing collection of 10,000 utterly unique Pug Officers, including 6 spectacular Super Rares coming up for grabs! 10,000 supply / 0.077 ETH price
October 13, 2021
Pug Force

DNA Cultura Drop

DNA Cultura NFTs is a collection of unique pastiche, weird cutouts from various projects and iconic characters. 8,888 supply / 0.08 ETH price
October 13, 2021
DNA Cultura

SolChicks Drop

SolChicks is one of the first NFT-driven games built on the Solana blockchain centered around adorable SolChick NFT collectibles. 10,000 supply / 3 SOL price
October 14, 2021