ZombieCatTown Freemint for WL

August 15, 2022
-Meow! . meow! .mao!.. gnao!.. meow!.. yo!.. meow!.. meow! …meow!.. mi!

-What the hell are you talking about? I do not understand anything. Are you a zombie…?

-Meow. Be careful! There are still many angry dogs in the city. But they are few and we are many. The city is destroyed. Stupid animals who called themselves humans destroyed each other and destroyed their cities. There are few people left. Now the city belongs to us. We are the masters here. And we need survivors to save us from the evil dogs. And yes…we are zombies! As long as the city is under our control! But it’s still very dangerous.
I’m afraid… I’m afraid… We need fish! Lots of damn fish! And we need guards! Lots of guards.

-Look at the wheel below. Spins constantly. And every week all our guardsmen win. Are you ready to protect us? Then what the hell? Spin the wheel, win ETH and buy us a fish. And whatever you want for yourself, all unnecessary human shit.

-Wow! Can I not work?

Keep us in your wallet and lie on the beach in the sun and wait for ETH in your wallet. Just buy and hold and don’t sell! There are 5555 zombiecats in the city. And everyone needs a guard! Royalties are drawn every week using a random number generator. Out of 5555 guards, 200 win every week. And so every week until the end of life! At the end of the drawing day, enter your number into the table and check if you won or not.

-What are the chances that I will win?

-100%! The algorithm in the Smart contract is such that sooner or later all the guards win! And
20% of all holders win twice in a period until everyone else gets their first win. And so on.
All 100% royalties belong to the guards and are played out weekly. We set a royalty of 10%. No promises for the future… Only money immediately after minting.! What is not clear?

-Perfect! What about WL?

-The first followers to like my tweets, retweet and send me their wallet number will be added to WL.

-How can I check if I am in the list or not?

-Enter your search number in the table below and check if you are on the list or not. If you are not on the list, please email me. And I will enter your wallet number in WL. I will inform you shortly about the mint price, WL size, WL price and mint date. Follow the posts on twitter. Don’t wait for an invitation to Discord. All interaction is done through Twitter. What is not clear? Or are you a zombie too? Join the group of zombiecattown guards and don’t hesitate! I have many other grandiose plans. You will be amazed by them! Meow! .meow! .mao!.. gnao!.. meow!.. yo!..
Added on August 15, 2022