Women of Crypto 3D Avatar NFT Collection

February 3, 2022
CompanyWomen of Crypto
Women of Crypto is a first of a kind, 3D rendered, avatar collection of 8888 women with more than 111 traits.

Fundamentally, our efforts are invested in bridging the gender gap, aiming to inspire and invigorate
more women to participate in the world of crypto.

Just some roadmap highlights to save you some time:

1. 50% of our royalties are going to direct donations to our partnered charities ( Women Who Code and Crypto Chicks)
2. We are giving away a Free Men Of Crypto NFT to the Holders of our Women Of Crypto Collection 6 weeks after the launch.
3. The WOC and MOC will be able to create a Baby of Crypto NFT through meta data rendering.
4. All avatars will be Metaverse ready.
5. We are starting an incubator for our holders- selected members will get their project funded and we will take them under our wing.
6. We will be launching an app post launch with educational content, networking and job board for Web3 community.
Added on February 3, 2022