Wayward Weenies — Paradigm Collection Mint

January 25, 2023
CompanyWayward Weenies
Price0.048 ETH
  • #collectible
Wayward Weenies (your Grandma's favorite anthropomorphic NFT project) is poised to build upon the smashing success of its sold out Genesis Collection. On Wednesday, January 25th 2023 "Wayward Weenies - Paradigm" arrives, and it's bringing a bun-length load of new features to the Weenieverse!

Our movement is built upon three simple, foundational promises--executed at a very high level:

- We will create a positive, welcoming, and inclusive space for everyone to learn, grow, and gain in. No list- or sell-shaming allowed. "Paperhands" is a bad word.

- We will educate our holders about the NFT/crypto ecosystem, so they can make safe, informed decisions that are right for them and their families.

- We will give back to our holders and our communities through giveaways, charitable endeavors, and wealth-expanding utility.

That, and Weenies are hilarious.
Added on January 25, 2023