April 29, 2022
CompanyVault by CNN X EMERGEAST
Vault by CNN X EMERGEAST - The first piece from this collaboration is 'Beyond' by @Muhcines a beautiful artwork that takes us beyond earth for a glimpse back home. CNN will drop memorable moments from its 41-year history on the Flow blockchain. Vault by CNN is an opportunity to experience “moments that changed us” and own a part of history in the form of digital collectibles.

When and Where

Vault by CNN X EMERGEAST will be running on April 29, 2022, on the VaultByCNN marketplace. The series of NFTs by CNN will feature presidential elections. Additionally, space discoveries, CNN exclusives, and other moments from the CNN archive that made a mark in history. All comers will be able to build their collections of moments and, also, showcase them on their own CNN page and other places.

Vault by CNN X EMERGEAST Details


It all started in 2014 while bonding over our shared love for all things art when the question came up: "How can we start collecting affordable Middle Eastern art, without traveling around the region?". "There must be an easy way of accessing emerging artists, no?". Seven years later, Emergeast houses 75 artists with 12 official representations, offers art consultancy services, curates corporate & private collections, and has established museum partnerships, as well as placing emerging artists in permanent museum collections.

Emergeast's true essence lies in collaboration and elevating the collective consciousness by enhancing our everyday life through art and beauty. Emergeast is an intersection between human connection, creative expression & beauty in its rawest form: join the movement.


Creator: Vault by CNN X EMERGEAST

Blockchain: Flow

Marketplace: Vault by CNN
Added on April 29, 2022