The Genesis Alimo Drop

January 24, 2023
CompanyArtist: Alimo drops ‘Lets Go Surf’ NFT collection on NiftyGateway, presented by Bryan Brinkman
Price49 USD
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WEST COAST ARTIST ALIMO announces his debut on NiftyGateway


(3 limited editions + 1/1 physical/digital auction)

Presented by the legendary Bryan Brinkman

Drops: January, 24th 2023 at 7 pm ET at

The Story
I travel a lot. It’s where I get my creative inspiration, along with following my passions of surfing and snowboarding. This tends to lead me high into the mountains, or far away into tropical lands. I love it. When I’m at these locations, I snap photos and draw every day. Similar to a tourist walking around and taking photos of monuments, but for me, I look the other way and deep dive into the people and their everyday lives. I’m obsessed with these moments. I walk around taking crappy iPhone photos, along with my Mamiya 6 to capture expressions and movements.

When I do this, I’ll post up on a table, ground, sand, you name it, and pull out my watercolors to capture the moment that just happened. The sketches are fast and a cool brain dump for me to catalog. I’ll later go back to my library of sketches and photos to create a fantastical narrative and composition that gives a feeling of a real place or location. Whether that’s a nostalgic feeling we’ve already been to or a new place we want to visit with friends and family.

I’ve always loved sharing my stories. For this NFT collection, I want to share this adventure with you as it means so much to me. Central America is a special place for me as I go back often to surf and explore. In a way, it’s tradition to revisit this place to find that solitude and a way to learn more about myself.

The goods
There will be 3 limited edition NFTs available:

On the horizon — 30 editions — $49
Party Time — 15 editions — $150
Balance Friends — 30 editions — $49

Digital Meets Physical NFT
Sharing is Caring — 1/1 auction — auction reserve $1,500

This will be a 24-hour auction. The winner will receive:

40x30” in. original canvas painting by Alimo ($5k value)
Comes with the 1/1 digital NFT
Membership token-gate into e-commerce storefront with 30% OFF lifetime access as a holder. More info on membership here
NFC chip for ownership authenticity

The top 5 bidders on the auction can claim a FREE hand-painted sketch from the ideation phase + an airdrop NFT scanned of that drawing. Wahoo!
Added on January 24, 2023