The Emperor’s Seal Official Mint

February 5, 2023
CompanyThe Emperor's Seal
Price0.035 ETH
  • #collectible
Welcome to The Emperor’s Seal, a captivating new collection of 6666 hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind creative assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Inspired by the story of OUMM and the concept of universal synchronicity, each piece of the collection is a unique representation of different regions, alliances, nations, and tribes in the story.

Bearing resemblance in some shape or form, be it literally or metaphorically. The project is designed to be dynamic and expansive, bringing together a community that believes in a better Web3 future. Each seal is a 1520*1520 hand-drawn layered masterpiece, a true testament to the originality and commitment to providing the community with genuine creative artwork.
Added on February 5, 2023