The Creeptoz Pre-sale

May 21, 2022
CompanyThe Creeptoz
The Creeptoz (stand for crypto zombies) is a PFP project, and not here to over promise!
We love pixel art and the Cryptopunks but we definitely feel they are missing something important to us : feelings and emotions. This is how we, as human beings, define ourselves. NFT are fun but for us, a picture is not enaugh : It has to show what 's on your mind, or who you are...

Our missions :
- Making you laugh and scared same time
- filling the gaps for all the punks, the riders and all the people who don't recognize themselves into any other PFP projects, we need some shocking right ?! the Creeptoz are THE real punks out there !
- Partnering with other NFT's projects for our holders to have access to priority whitelist access and other privileges

Our goals :
- Becoming iconic with our original designs and rebel spirit, so to still be here in the years to come
- Pleasing our holders to have a valuable asset that gets even more valuable with the time
- If the collection sells out, we 'll go 3D. ( don't worry probably not metaverse ready unless the community ask for it, remember no over promising!)

Our way :
- white list spots
- free NFT
- prize money for holders
- PR release
- Influencers

We are just starting now, feel free to check out the website and join us on Twitter and discord !
Added on May 21, 2022