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August 1, 2022
Sustainable Energy; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (SEBC-2022) is a meeting place for managers, engineers, scientists, and researchers from academia and industry all over the globe. SCBC-2022 endeavors to develop a forum to discuss critical challenges in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. In 2022, get ready for more interaction and networking at 1th International Conference on Sustainability in Cryptocurrency.

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When and Where

Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference will run from the 1st to the 3rd of August, 2022. Blockchain has always been presented as providing speed, efficiency, and low costs. But there is also a flipside. Since the crypto industry is booming, including DeFi and NFT, and blockchain technology is going more mainstream the discussion of their negative impact on the environment is heightening. Blockchain consumes huge amounts of energy and that is growing by the day. This while the combat of the climate crisis has the highest priority all over the world. Especially the electricity usage of Bitcoin and other similar blockchain networks have pulled into a larger conversation around sustainability.

Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Registration Details

The conference will see to the discussion of the environmental impact cryptocurrency is having on society at large. Registration is up on the Sebccon website for all attendees. While there are many hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are not only the largest ones but are also the most energy-intensive. In the past few years, their environmental impact has increased greatly in terms of both energy consumption and carbon or CO2 emission. The scale of mining has increased substantially triggered by the increased value of mining. This has resulted in a rapidly increasing energy consumption. According to the Bitcoin/Ethereum Energy Consumption Index that is looking at the environmental impact of a blockchain transaction, Bitcoin is the leading coin with the most energy-intensive mining process. Attendees will get to learn how the industry is combating the negative effects that may be arising as a result of blockchain and mining.

Location: Sebccon ( Virtual)
Number of Attendees: 1000+
Ticket Prices: TBA
Speakers and Panelists: This includes speakers such as Creators, CEOs, Founders, Investors as well as many others.
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