Spinblade – First Edition Box Drop #1

March 23, 2023
Price50 Matic
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Attention all Bladers! We're excited for our highly anticipated First Edition Box Drop #1, featuring the primary digital collectible of Spinblade - the First Edition Box!

The private sale will take place on March 23 at 14:00 UTC, and will be open exclusively to Spinblade Pass holders. The public sale will begin on 24 March at 14:00 UTC. When the public sale begins Spinblade Pass holders will still be able to use their passes to mint their own First Edition Boxes.

Each First Edition Box contains 1x preforged Spinblade and 1x First Edition Launcher, making it an essential piece for Bladers! With a total supply of 2,500 First Edition Boxes, we're thrilled to release 1,000 of them in our First Edition Box Drop #1.

Price for Public Sale: 50 $MATIC
Price for Mint Pass Holders: 40 $MATIC
Price for Free Claim Pass Holders: 0 $MATIC

Mark your calendars to secure your First Edition Box in the first drop! Stay tuned for more details!


What is Spinblade?

Spinblade is a fun-first spinning top game that brings back childhood memories with the power of blockchain technology. It presents a dynamic, quick, and competitive gameplay experience. Collect & customize a Spinblade, battle in the arena, and earn prizes!
Added on March 23, 2023