March 20, 2023
Price1.9 APT
  • #collectible
QR RQ NFT collection has moved on Aptos network.
You can submit for the WL spot by leaving your wallet address on the Discord server. Check out the website for the Discord invite link.
There are two WL groups:
WL Group 1: 0.6 Apt
WL Group 2: 1.4 Apt
Your WL group will be determined by raffling.
Get your chance quote! The idea behind this collection is having a QR code with a random quote. It can be a gift to a friend or a chance quote that you can hold in your wallet, and yes you can trade it. It’s a collection of 1024 unique 1/1 NFTs. They are not auto generated. Each of them is a QR code containing a random quote. So, now we know why we call it “QR RQ”. “QR” stands for “Quick Response”, and “RQ” stands for “Random Quote”. That's it. This collection is going to draw the attentions to the importance of discovering. Due to living in a fast judging world, we have used to not discover anything. We usually judge anything by its appearance. It seems we want all things ready. We should see the inside of everything, specially inside of people. Don't judge a book by its cover. And the other reason of creating such a collection is showing the power of words. Words are powerful. It is what we usually underestimate. Do not undervalue the power of words. Just discover it.
Added on March 20, 2023