PunkedUps Drop

December 12, 2021
CompanyPunked Ups
The Punked Ups are a civilization of 7,777 unique, non fungible Punks inspired by the CryptoPunks NFT series. Each item comes in a unique hand picked color combination based on the Cryptopunks. In the context of the metaverse, the Punked Ups are NFTs that live on the Polygon Blockchain as ERC721 tokens. Also, Our smart contract is live on PolyScan.com and available for public to view on the blockchain.
Contract Address: 0x9a81f742B2d093A236c3E8d7CF05A0528969256a
Token Info: PunkedUps (PuP)
Minting is now live
Minting price:
1st wave 0-1111: 1 Matic (early adopters bonus)
2nd wave: 1111-3000: 20 Matics
3rd wave: 3000-7777: 70 Matics (our estimation of starting floor price)
Punked Ups Reveal date: 25 Dec

Artist Statement:
I as the Artist of the project, was a filmmaker for a long-time, and the Post-Modern movement inspired me a lot along the way! filmmakers like Tarantino, Coen-Brothers and David Lynch. So I've decided to put my taste in Post-Modern Filmmaking on Nfts and with inspiration from the Pop-art movement artists (mainly Andy Warhol) reinventing the CryptoPunks Nft Series in my style and as I'm so Punked Up these days what name comes better than Punked Up!

I believe that the main power that makes us Unique in the whole market is the art theory we applied to this collection, and why not? Maybe our Punked Ups sells more than the CryptoPunks, Likes The Andy Warhol's Monroe, which sells more than the actual Marilyn Monroe.

So when you buy one Punked Up, you didn't just buy a Nft! You bought a Pop-art artwork plus a meme plus a reinterpretation of the most famous Nft in the world which is the holy CryptoPunk.

We are a small team with big dreams and worked so hard on this collection only with passion and love of the NFT revolution so we don't want to manipulate our future investors to just sell our Nfts to them because Honestly, no one knows which will be the next big hit in any market but we believe our Punks are way moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Punked Up than the actual Punks!
Added on December 12, 2021