Protectors of Melaka Mint

August 15, 2022
CompanyProtectors of Melaka
Price0.025 ETH
Protectors of Melaka is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired experience. Your wits and your will are going to be tested in a campaign of mystery, action, and suspense.

But if you are strong, you will thrive alongside your fellow Protectors, and live to tell the tale. ⚔️

Holders can expect to take part in Dungeons and Dragons game nights, be called on for quests like the space has never seen, and experience a gamified lore throughout everything we do. 👀

The first utility we will be delivering is a text-based game, similar to Zork, that tokenizes your success and rewards our warriors with riches. 🔥

This project is over 10 years in the making. And has longer than that to go. So step into our world brave Adventurer. Are you prepared for recruitment into the Protectors of Melaka?

1000 are needed. #WeAreTheProtectors ⚔️🛡️
Added on August 15, 2022