Project Launch on the Internet Computer

April 20, 2022
Price20 USD/USDC
Our collection will feature 10.000 Giraffes.

In the Giraffes universe the reality is different as humans have not reached the point of being the ultimate instrument. Society is built on Longneck culture but the similarities are the core of our surprises. As our Giraffes have reached peak evolution they have started to develop countries, form alliances and boundaries. Life is as you would expect: Grinding, socializing and binding. Life also is hard, as from little to big the Giraffes have set up a world society and system where all could work and live differently. The Giraffe world is led by 25 Giraffe ministers who collect `taxes` so they will collect 35 % of the ICGiraffes resale commissions between them for lifetime. There are many stories we will develop across the way ahead, so let's get started.

In the ICGiraffes Universe there will be 10 different professions of the modern world.

ICGiraffes will feature 10 professions:
- Firefighter
- Doctor
- Construction worker
- Police officer
- Butcher
- Lawyer
- Scuba diver
- Alpinist
- Astronaut
- Corporatist

Each profession has 1 chief giraffe. The chief giraffes will be custom designed making them extremely valuable.
- Firefighter Captain
- Head of medical staff
- Construction engineer
- Chief officer
- Judge
- Marine biologist
- Mountaineer
- Spacewalker
- Office Director
- Master butcher

The mint price is set for 0.9 ICP and 0.7 ICP with discount for those that have won or earned an whitelist spot.

What are the utilities of the ICGiraffes?

- There are 25 Ministers Giraffes in our collection. These highly valuable pieces give 35% resale commission for life for the lucky ones that get them at mint.
- Breeding section on our website that we will start develop after we have released Beta version of the P2E game
- P2E game.


65% of resale commission for life
650ICP budget if 70% of the collection sold
1000ICP budget if 80% of the collection sold
1500ICP budget if 90% of the collection sold
2000 ICP budget if sold out

Minister Giraffes will be able to vote how the budget will be distributed to the top players and how many positions will be rewarded. This will be discussed on a special channel on our discord.

Buyers of at least 25 NFT pieces from our collection will receive ONE next generation ICGiraffe from the special collection made for the high volume buyers. This piece is a 3D Giraffe that will blow you mind. More information will be released after the mint. Having the next generation ICGiraffe NFT you will have and extra life in the game which brings a huge edge for the huge winning that we have.

The 10 hand drawn chief ICGiraffes owners will receive one extra life. If you die in the game will respawn and keep playing from the level you reached.
Added on April 20, 2022