Powder Heroes Drop

December 20, 2021
Powder Heroes – First Blockchain Game Clip NFT Collection on Solana

Powder, an AI-powered platform for gaming content creation, is teaming up with studios and content creators from around the world to transform gaming highlights into iconic NFTs celebrating blockchain gaming. 1111 collectibles dropping on Dec 20!

Aimed at both gamers and NFT enthusiasts, Powder Heroes is a perfect occasion to invest in and collect unique gaming moments. Stored on Solana blockchain, the collection produced by gaming studios like The Sandbox, DNAxCAT, and Life Beyond in collaboration with streamers and content creators, will feature the most epic streaming highlights, generated by cutting-edge AI technology. Each NFT consists of a game clip hidden in a mystery pack to bring back the magic of opening Pokemon cards — purchasable for 0.35 SOL.

Holders of Powder Heroes NFTs will benefit from utility perks like:
- drops from partner games,
- privileged access to creators
- voting rights,
... and more!

Presale opens on Dec 18.
Added on December 20, 2021