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March 29, 2022
CompanyNifty Gateway
2x Emmy award-winning film and image-maker Raoul Marks is finally debuting his first full collection on Nifty Gateway. The bold and new series, Pop Zero, promises to transport fans and collectors to a wild and wonderful alternate universe.

The artworks dominantly display full colors and delicately balanced compositions. Marks painstakingly crafted these pieces to give us a brief window into the future world "full of bored androids passing the time."

Aside from reflecting the artist's signature style, the collection pays homage to some of the great painters of the late twentieth century. So you can see some influences of Hockney, Smart and Amor.


To the delight of fans, the four pieces lay the groundwork for what will become a detailed and conceptually rich ongoing series reflecting on modern life. Here are the NFTs up for grabs:

  • Free Time - Open Edition

  • No Splash - Ranked Auction (Edition of 5)

  • Waiting for a Ticket - Ranked Auction (Edition of 5)

  • Back to Work - An exclusive collector's only artwork. Any NFT holder who owns an edition of "The Only Way is Up" or holds two or more Pups Passes can bid for this.

Lastly, collectors with all three non-collectors pieces by April 1 will receive a special treat. They will receive the next (currently secret) work in this series via airdrop.

Meet the Artist: Raoul Marks

Raoul Marks is well known for his work helping to craft some of the most iconic title sequences of this generation. For example, he made the opening credits for True Detective, Westworld and The Crown. Then, he created the "OG Astro" in 2015. Admirably and impressively, he open-sourced the files free online. So his work is credited with seeding the proliferation of Astros in the NFT space. Furthermore, this became one of the most pervasive memes of the crypto landscape.

His works have appeared on curated shows with artists like Ness Graphics, Raf Grassetti, Archan Nair, Pak and many others. This year, he has big plans for the NFT space. A physical auction in collaboration with Sotheby's and blue-chip traditional artists will be held in late spring.

Pop Zero by Raoul Marks will go live on Nifty Gateway on March 29 at 6:30 PM EST.
Added on March 29, 2022