Pop Art Cats NFT by Matt Chessco

January 29, 2022
CompanyPop Art Cats NFT
A unique art NFT collection created by famous artist Matt Chessco. 10,000 cats will be available in total, split between the pre-sale and the public sale. Cats not redeemed in the pre-sale will be available during the public sale. All cats traits and attributes will be generated randomly and revealed 24 hours after the collection is sold out.

The Pop Art world will be deployed in 7 phases. Throughout the deployment, there will be several collabs, partnerships, giveaways, and exciting stuff we will announce later.

Phase 1 - $100,000 giveaway
The cats will be revealed 24 hours after all 10,000 NFTs are sold. Every buyer will be randomly assigned a different Pop Art Cat NFT. There are 10 special cats/NFTs. Each person who receives a special NFT will be granted $10,000. Images of the special NFTs will be posted on our Instagram.

Phase 2 - Rewards
Starting on February 1st, 2022, hold your NFT for 3 months and you will be rewarded a free limited edition t-shirt of your NFT. Hold it for 6 months and you will get a free canvas print of your NFT. Hold it for 9 months and you will be entered to win 1 of 10 custom paintings by Matt Chessco.

Phase 3 - Pop Art Luxury Suites NFT
Coming summer 2022. Each cat owner will have early access to Pop Art Luxury Suites.

Phase 4 - Pop Art Leopards NFT
Each cat owner will have early access to Pop Art Leopards.

Phase 5 - Pop Art Items NFT
Everyone who owns a cat or a leopard will have early access to Pop Art Items.

Phase 6 - 3D Pop Art
The Pop Art world will become three-dimensional and will enter the metaverse.

Phase 7 - The DAO
20% of all the royalties made from secondary sales will go to the Pop Art Community Treasury. Holders will vote for experiences, activations and projects that will benefit the Pop Art Community.

Pre-sale: January 28th, 0.09 ETH / NFT
Public sale: January 29th, 0.18 ETH / NFT
Added on January 29, 2022