Outside the Block – Dubai

March 31, 2022
Outside the Block is an upcoming event by Omanee is a multinational corporation based in Singapore and Dubai, specializing in Finance and Investment. With a team of more than 200 employees and 200,000 community members focused on compliant solutions across industries, we have been non-stop working to accelerate the applications based on blockchain technology with the ambition of reducing the gaps between traditional and decentralized finance and opening up the future of the financial industry.

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When and Where

Outside the Block - the annual event hosted by Welups Foundation & Omanee Incorporation will take place again on 31st March 2022, in Dubai. In this event, we will officially launch the Omanee ecosystem, Welups Identity Blockchain. Along with that, the event will bring together industry leaders. This is to exchange ideas and share the value of growing the blockchain ecosystem around the world. Additionally, Experience it lives across our exhibition, group meetings, as well as discussion hubs. Also, like workshops, networking, the investor program. Identity Blockchain in finance, economy, as well as entertainment, and services. This is including DeFi, as well as Digital Currencies, and alternative investments consisting of crypto and gaming NFT. It comprises applications and other services in all over the industry sectors.

About Outside the Block

Launched in 2018 by Welups Foundation & OMANEE Corporation, Outside The Block is an annual event in Southeast Asia and UAE. Additionally, the conference this year is about bringing together the new blockchain ideas and technology professionals. Including, business leaders, change-makers, senior or junior practitioners, and startups. This is for one day of discovery, learning, sharing, and networking with different local or international companies across the world. After the OTB 2021, Outside The Block is proud to announce its new dates in March 2022 in Dubai, positioning itself as one of the region's most impactful blockchain-fintech events. Throughout our fintech companies, blockchain startups, and ecosystems will reveal the fact and transformative influence of Blockchain technology in different sectors. Aside from the benefits of profit trading, smart business contracts, and networking.

Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai
Number of Attendees: 1000+
Ticket Prices: TBA
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: There will be global speakers present ranging from CEOs to Investors as well as creatives in the crypto world.
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