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March 23, 2023
CompanyGrumbies Eternal Entry
Price.04 ETH
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Welcome to our Grumbies Allowlist Raffle! Winners will be able to mint the Grumbies Eternal Entry during the OpenSea Allowlist mint. Holders of the Eternal Entry will be airdropped a Grumbie that grants them access to the initial Grumbies survivor pool and get access to all future endeavors in the Grumbies universe. Follow our twitter and turn on notifications to learn how you can earn allowlist spots and for all project details.

Intro to The Grumbies

The Grumbies are a collection of 5,555 customizable NFTs that will be automatically entered into a trait elimination survivor pool where winners can claim an ETH prize at the end of the survivor pool. The Grumbies project was created by Metaseed Labs, the development team behind Alien Frens, Vinnie Hager's "Letters", The Pals by Sean Webster and many more projects in the NFT space.

The Mission

Our mission is to break away from the traditional pfp model and develop the Grumbies universe into a unique brand and experience through innovative gamified smart contracts and interactive social engagements. After the initial Grumbies Eternal Entry pass mint through our partner OpenSea, we will announce a snapshot and airdrop an official Grumbie to each of our Eternal Entry holders. That Grumbie will enter you into the survivor pool that will start shortly after the mint.

How to Participate

Each airdropped Grumbie will be comprised of a subset of traits all generated on-chain. After the project is fully minted out 25% of the funds will seed the prize pool for the inaugural survivor pool. We will then open a trait bazaar where holders can upgrade traits from two categories: headgear and outfits. By purchasing these traits, Grumbies holders will have their art and metadata dynamically updated! Upgrading traits increases a holder’s chance of winning the survivor pool. The price of the trait is directly related to its rarity and the odds of winning. The rarer the traits, the more likely you are to win the pool and claim an ETH prize. However, you do not need to upgrade to play!

A percentage of all Grumbies trait sales will be routed into the smart contract as a prize pool for winners. 70% will go to the Prize Pool and 30% will go to the project team and artist

Using Chainlink VRF to choose verifiable random numbers, a random number will be chosen every few days which corresponds to a specific trait. The chosen trait will then be eliminated from the survival pool. The rarest traits have the lowest probability of being chosen and elimination will not change the look of your Grumbie. To win ETH, you must have at least 1 non-eliminated trait to stay in the survival pool. If both your headgear AND outfit have been eliminated, you are considered eliminated from the survivor pool, however you can re-enter the survivor pool by upgrading to a non-eliminated trait anytime prior to the end of the contest. Once there are 10% or less traits remaining, the game has ended and anybody with a non-eliminated trait can claim their Ethereum! The prize pool is equally divided among the winning players.

Do you dare to participate in the quest for ETH? For those who survive a bounty awaits!

The Team

Metaseed Labs is founded and operated by @Atownbrown and @Autopixel. Atown an Atlanta based product director who has been building product for over a decade in the e-commerce, digital marketing and data science space for companies like WarnerMedia. He is an NFT & Crypto enthusiast with a strong interest in futbol, food and finance. Autopixel is a Colorado based web developer and Defi enthusiast with a strong interest in rock climbing, finance, and alternative economies. He is very interested in building products that connect the blockchain to real-world applications.

The Artist

All of the Grumbies art was hand illustrated by the talented Lexie Baker, who is a close collaborator and friend of the Metaseed Labs. Lexie Baker is an illustrative artist from Denver, Colorado who strives to celebrate the individual as well as the symbiosis that exists in communal connectivity. She create themes that revolve around empowerment, psychedelic energy, exploration of the natural world and humankind’s bewilderment with the cosmic universe. She sells her work in various formats in order to live out her creative dreams as her profession. She occasionally dabbles in custom projects and mural work, with the purposes of furthering community immersion. You’ll see her hustling at PopUp events and wildin’ at music venues from time to time.

Alongside Metaseed Labs and Lexie, the launch team behind The Grumbies includes @CoolMattETH (Partnerships/Advisor) and @onWurds (Copywriter).
Added on March 23, 2023