NFTs Unlocking IRL Art – Arkai Infinity

March 22, 2022
CompanyArkai Infinity
Our goal is to bring the NFTs in your wallet to life with tangible art! Alien planets unlocking matching one-of-a-kind hand crafted planet miniatures; and an IRL subscription box membership curated to NFT collectors.

See how the planets are made:

We are building the Loot Crate of the NFT world. Royalties from secondary sales will be used to fund the community chest, to be spent on physical art unique to each NFT holder's wallet. The physical loot we ship will be voted on by the holders. You will recieve loot at your door as long as you hold the NFT and vote.

New planets are being released every month until there are 588 total. To redeem you're planet miniature join the Arkai Infinity Discord and verify ownership of you're planet under #verify

Learn more at our website.
Added on March 22, 2022