March 22, 2023
CompanyThe Aristocrats by CM - BATTLE Collection
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Hey, Welcome New Aristocrats !

Clément Mougel is a modern French painter and a visionary who exclusively creates one-of-a-kind paintings on canvas. The expressionist gesture of Clement Mougel describes emotional prospects in constant motion.

Battle Collection:

After successfully selling out his first NFT collection, Aristocrats, via his singular universe. Clément Mougel is now releasing his second NFT collection featuring a series of new and exciting pieces, assembled one by one, that showcase his distinct style and creativity!

The Aristomap:

- Limited Edition Prints : Each NFT will be linked with a numbered and signed print, allowing collectors to own a tangible piece of art.
- Rare Traits and Physical Items : Some NFTs will be linked to rare traits that are associated with physical claimable fashion items like caps etc. crafted by the artist himself.
- Merchandise : Will be available for all holders. This will include Hoodies, T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Chargers etc. all featuring the collection logo!
- AMA IRL : Each holder will have a chance to join exclusive IRL dinners and drinks.
Added on March 22, 2023