Mystic Motors Pre-Sale

February 26, 2023
CompanyMystic Motors
Price0.02 ETH
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With a team experienced in game creation, finance, marketing, and NFT
development, Mystic Motors is an action-packed car racing game where
players race their unique NFT cars to earn real money. What makes Mystic
Motors unique is the implementation of:
- Car upgrades
- Blueprints
- Tournaments
- Trophies
- Credits
- Clan battles
- Magic spells

These features will create an enticing and enjoyable experience for all players. The game will have ultra-realistic graphics and will be the first high-quality and sustainable NFT racing game to hit the market. Mystic Motors
will be launched on both desktop and mobile, allowing users to play-to-earn anytime, anywhere
Added on February 26, 2023