MoonGhost Halloween Minting

October 30, 2021
CompanyMoonGhost Official
MoonGhost is a combination of fun, inclusive NFTs and a rebase token that only goes to the Moon.
Our first round of the MoonGhost NFT collection will be available to mint on 30/10/21.
Members will be able to mint them through our minting app.
The MoonGhost rebase token will be released shortly after.

600 unique collectables will be available to mint on 30/10/21.
Many of them will have exclusive Halloween attributes.
This will be the first round of 3.

NFT features-
Exclusive rebase token whitelist (the rebase will increase in price by almost 10% every 8 hours).
Whitelist for future MoonGhost NFT drops.
Every Ghost is different. With each attribute having a different rarity. Each Ghost is randomly generated.
Access to exclusive Discord channels and roles.
A rising floor price. All trading fees will be used to buy and burn floor Ghosts.

After ascending Earth, these cool but simple entities roam space in search of their next chapter in the afterlife.
They are harmless to most creatures, but it is not yet clear what they are searching for...
Each Ghost is generated with random attributes, some being extremely rare.

Collection Rounds-
The MoonGhost collection will be split into multiple rounds.
Round 1 - In the first round, only 600 Ghosts will be available to mint. This round will contain Halloween Exclusives!
Round 2 - In the second round, an additional 1,500 Ghosts will be available to mint.
Round 3 - In the third and final round of the MoonGhost collection, an additional 2,500 Ghosts will be available to mint.
In total, 4,600 MoonGhosts will be available to mint.
Each round will be released over the coming months.

We have active giveaways for community members in our Discord.
We're actively searching for community members that are interested in NFTs, art and crypto in general.
Join us now to be a part of our amazing community!

? Happy Halloween Everyone ?

From the MoonGhost Team.
Added on October 30, 2021