November 27, 2022
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Monaki is a cultural step forward. It's not a shift. It's a flip. A 360-degree reversal of the web3 in Aptos space.

Tosiqyu is an international community of artists, designers, and photographers. Supported by programmers and investors. Each of these has its own artistic style and its own, unique experience of perceiving reality. Some of us are active artists and designers in well-known global corporations in the beauty, high fashion, gaming, and video technology industries in the meta-universe.

We have united to carry a definite mission together. Our mission is to synthesize, experiment, and create art. Art as we see it. Watch with us. Tosiqyu also is a creator of NFT projects and an operator in the NFT industry. He is also an active member of the global NFT community. By creating digital art and turning it into NFT tokens, Tosiqyu successfully implements projects in the global NFT market. Tosiqyu is your trusted figure in the digital art world on the blockchain.

Headquarters Tosiqyu, Belgrad, Serbia
Added on November 27, 2022