Minted Teddy Next Gen

January 30, 2023
CompanyMinted Teddy
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Minted Teddy is on a mission to be the worldโ€™s most impactful teddy bear. It is a collectible metaverse toy that incorporates both physical and digital play, leveraging art and emerging technology to uplift and capture value for the next generation.

The next-gen collection of 2,500 teddies is a culmination of a one-year design experiment by Claudio Bellini and guest artists. The result is a high-quality profile picture with a matching metaverse-ready 3D avatar.

Next-gen teddies are equipped for space adventures with space suits, helmets, and more than 20 types of space flight gear. Paired with the physical minted teddy toy to unlock a whole universe of possibilities for learning and play.

Next-gen minted teddy holders can redeem a physical toy that has been designed with kids in mind. The toy is fully articulate and made of bioplastic - it is both fun to play with and attractive to display.

Teddies will be randomly beamed to one of the 50 planets at the mint, setting in motion a co-creative adventure to develop the planets and design a gen3 teddy collection.

We are extremelly excited to collaborate with MoonCats to create MoonCat-themed teddies in 3D and include them in the next-gen collection! 111 MoonCats teddies will be included in our next-gen drop, including a rare one.

Brenda Chen is an immersive media and XR artist who directed Justin Bieber's & John Legend's virtual concerts. She is joining Minted Teddy next-gen drop with "Furry Festival" mini-collection of five rare teddies.

Another amazing collab is with Theodoru, who has designed a mini collection of 12 beautiful Minted Teddies.

We have big plans for this little teddy and invite you to co-create with us. We are a fully doxed team with a track record of building startups and events together and are obsessed with quality and long-term impact.

Thank you!
Added on January 30, 2023