MetaSkulls NFT Drop

February 6, 2022
CompanyMetaSkulls NFT
10,000 MetaSkulls #NFTs on #Ethereum blockchain, ready for the #SandBox #Metaverse

Price: TBA

Metaskulls is an innovative NFT project combining two NFT worlds: Badass Profile Picture tokens and 3D Metaverse assets ready for the Sandbox metaverse. All 10k Metaskull avatars were generated from several hundred attributes designed by the Metaskulls team of 3D Voxel artists. The team is excited to put all their creativity and focus into building a metaverse experience for the Skulls. All Metaskulls are unique NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.
19:00 UTC Presale

22:00 UTC Public sale
Added on February 6, 2022