Meta Estates Mint

January 22, 2022
CompanyMeta Estates
Meta Estates is a randomly generated NFT collection on the Solana blockchain designed by a professional architect. Each estate will take part in completing our Meta Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood will allow Meta Estates NFT owners to view their Estate in a virtual neighborhood. The Neighborhood is coming soon, stay tuned for more information.

1️⃣ Growing the community: The Meta Estates Team will work strategically to grow the community and spread awareness. Events, AMAs, Partnerships, and giveaways will be organized.

2️⃣ Minting: We will host a fair mint (no whitelist) of 4,444 Meta Estates. The mint will go live on January 22nd at 9pm UTC and will close once all Estates have been minted.

3️⃣ Secondary Markets: We will be exploring marketplaces such as Sol Sea and Magic Eden. We will aim to provide our users with several different marketplaces to trade on.

4️⃣ Mailman: The Mailman will be introduced to Meta Estates holders. Each week our mailman will deliver SOL rewards to over 40 random holders. For the first 12 weeks the mailman will be funded by the Meta Estates team. Once these 12 weeks are over, the mailman will be funded by Meta Estates royalty earnings. Each week there will be more than 40 randomly selected holders that get rewards from the mailman!

5️⃣ The Meta Estates Neighborhood: We will be launching our Metaverse! A virtual neighborhood where all 4,444 estates will reside. Each holder will have the ability to view their estate in our Metaverse!

6️⃣ Road map v2: Once the Meta Estates Neighborhood is functional, we will release a whole new roadmap with our plans for the Meta Estates Neighborhood. There will be many updates, developments, and surprises to come!
Added on January 22, 2022