Martian Colony Public Sale

June 30, 2022
CompanyMartian Colony
Price0.12 ETH
Stage 1 of a large long-term project focused on creating the Metaverse Martian Colony. 5,555 unique NFTs – 3D Martians. Each Martian can be used in the unique Metaverse Martian Colony. The Martian Colony represents a collection of unique, hand-drawn, and randomly generated 3D models. The collection is stored in ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Stage 1 of the project represents 4 out of 8 total Martian races. Each race has a history and role on Mars. Once the Stage 1 Martians are sold out, Stage 2 of the project will follow. The main goal of the Martian Colony project is the unique Metaverse which we have already started to create. In this Metaverse, you can use the NFT Martian as your avatar. In the Metaverse, you will purchase apartments, houses, land, vehicles, etc. You will befriend other Martians, compete for new NFTs, and more. Here, you will live a virtual life beyond your wildest terrestrial dreams! Roadmap Development (Long-term plans) Q3 2022 – Creation of Stage 1 of Martian Colony project – 5,555 Martian NFTs – 4 races Q3 2022 – Establishment of DAO, which will allow all holders of Martian NFTs to influence the further evolution of the project. The more NFTs you hold, the more votes you will have (1 NFT = 1 vote) Q1 2023 – Creation of Stage 2 of Martian Colony project – 5,555 Martian NFTs – 4 more races + 8 types of personal vehicles Q2 2023 – Launch of the demo version of the Martian Colony Metaverse, with the option to tour the first city on Mars, Phobos Q4 2023 – Metaverse opens to the public, with access to the first city in the Martian Colony, Phobos. You will be able to buy apartments in futuristic buildings for the first time and take a stroll through Phobos via your NFT Martian. H1 2024 – Expansion of infrastructure in the city of Phobos – the opening of shops, concert halls, clubs, etc H2 2024 – Development of the Martian Colony Metaverse, construction of another Martian city called Demos, the land around the towns of Phobos and Demos available for sale, implementation of Martian nature in areas around the cities, weekend cottages, etc. Pre-sale will be on 29 June 2022 (free), Public Sale will be on 30 June 2022.
Added on June 30, 2022