Lunar Lotto NFT

January 30, 2023
CompanyLunar Lotto
Price.06 ETH
  • #nft
Play. Win. Cash-out. Lunar Lotto is an entirely new NFT experience. If NASA can send someone to the moon, so can we!

What is Lunar Lotto?

Lunar Lotto is a unique lottery NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain. Mint one of our randomly generated lottery tokens and claim your prize on reveal day. Winning NFTs will reveal a casino-style chip redeemable for one of our amazing prizes.

There will be four tiers of Eth prizes & more:
- the highest tier will win 100x the mint price
- the lowest tier will win back the price of mint
- prizes also include NFTs and allowlists

Weโ€™re offering people a chance to 100x the mint price and we guarantee an insane 75% chance of minting a winning token.

What about the other 25%?

Losing tokens will be eligible for consolation prizes such as access to exclusive contests, giveaways, and membership passes for the High Rollers section of our Discord. Alternatively, losing tokens can be burned in exchange for Lunar List for subsequent lottos.

Our goal is to build a sustainable model, so the majority of the revenue generated from the mint is going straight back to the community.

This project is all about having fun, providing a brand new NFT experience that scratches your gambling itch, and giving back to our community.

Lunar Lotto is building a casino on the moon, and weโ€™d love to bring you along for the ride!
Added on January 30, 2023