Last Survivors Drop

February 5, 2023
CompanyAlgoNFT Group
Price200 ALGO
AlgoNFT Group is proud to announce the launch of an NFT collection called “Last Survivors”, promoting Green Earth, Clean Energy, and a Peaceful Planet.

NFT LAUNCH SCOPE - This launch will include the following:

• 2022 NFTs based on “Last Survivors” left on Earth.
• Algorand Blockchain will be used.
• DAO will be established.
• Smart contracts will be created.
• NFT Marketplace for buying and selling this collection is part of the launch.
• Percentage of proceeds will be donated to help organize which support what we stand for.
• This launch will promote a Sustainable, Unified Planet, No More Waste, No More Wars.
• The concept is Planet Earth 2396; what will people look like? Maybe they will be half robots; maybe they will evolve into something better equipped to thrive in the world of the future! What will the Last Survivors look like?!
• The NFTs will be sold online as a minted limited edition. They can be resold, and there will be a 10% royalty commission split between the NFT Launch Team, Charity, and the original owner.


To inspire and empower people and businesses to explore and benefit from the powerful potential of NFTs.


To create the easiest technology on-ramp to NFTs, organize a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) using the Algorand Blockchain, and make new technology advances (in crypto, block chain, and NFT) available to ordinary people, businesses, artists, collectors, investors, and anyone else who can benefit from this emerging technology, at an affordable price.

We are offering a new, unique NFT Launch, "The Last Survivors", purposely affordable, intentionally fun, and promoting a healthy, peaceful planet.

Price: 100 ALGO for Whitelist Members, 200 ALGO for all others.
Added on February 5, 2023