Kyojin Senshi Drop

January 30, 2023
CompanyKyojin Senshi
Price0.0 ETH
  • #art
A FreeMint collection of 2000 Kyojin Senshi NFT deploys on Ethereum Blockchain.
Kyojin Senshi is a collection created from three traits each has its own uniqueness and utility usage
They serve as Alpha passes to Too Alpha Groups in the NFT space. All kyojin Senshis are unique not a single one is rearer than others.

Trait percentages are spread evenly, high performing members in the community Will be rewarded with altered metadata using traits that are not in the collection.

There are both The Genesis & Future Gen2 in which 10% royalties are been fixed, Each month via the scoring system, the top performing clan will earn 50% of the royalties earnings. WL opportunity will also be distributed to every factor via weekly performance.
Added on January 30, 2023