Kong vs Kaiju Game Mint Launch

December 14, 2021
CompanyKong vs Kaiju Game NFT
On-chain NFT game on Ethereum. Total unique NFT's 4999.
Stake Kong and Kaiju for $GAMMA tokens. Spend $GAMMA to Level up and mint more NFTs. WIN 4ETH in PRIZES!
Game Mechanics
The Kaiju are stuck on Skull Island, but realized if they stay there, they can quickly cultivate huge amounts of $GAMMA each day.
Using $GAMMA, they are able to Level themselves up even further to speed up $GAMMA farming and also use it to breed more Kaiju. Hoping one day they will be strong enough and have large enough numbers to overpower the Kongs
However because newborn Kaiju are weak, each day when the Kongs raid the island, they easily capture the young Kaijus so that Monarch can use their tech and use the newborn Kaiju for their $GAMMA harvesting abilities
Added on December 14, 2021