Kawaii Ghouls Minting Live

May 27, 2022
CompanyKawaii Ghouls
Price0.3 SOL
Born from a swirl of cotton candy and black magic these day-glo demons are descending on the Solana Blockchain this May 27th 2022 18:00 UTC. This horde of demonic nymphs is the brain child of Rainbow Dragon, a purely art for arts sake generative art project.

Creepy and yet adorable the collection of Kawaii Ghouls is an adventure in contradictions. Saccharine sweetness collides with horrific body mutations.

Welcome these cute dark souls to your phantom wallets. These adorable creatures will drink your blood and mock your mortal soul. Pithy acerbic humor is their forte. And sweetness runs through their veins like ice water.

With the crypto space awash in speculative PFP projects and the recent pendulum swing towards 1/1 artworks, it was my intention to return to the cryptopunk roots of our nascent nft space with a generative art project that is focused on the actual art itself.
Added on May 27, 2022