Joker Club NFT mint

March 23, 2023
CompanyJoker Club
Price0.08 ETH
  • #nft
Welcome to the Joker Club by Partouche Multiverse, 3.0 community of Partouche Multiverse.

Follow the movement of 8888 NFT Jokers who are on a mission to bring the world into a new era of entertainment.

To move forward, the Joker Club is armed with 4 suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. Each one cultivates their art of living. But all are bound by the Joker Spirit : a philosophy that puts entertainment on top of the world. More than ever, entertainment is sacred. The Joker, revered everywhere. Decentralization is underway. It’s time for the Joker Spirit to emerge.

Regarding the dates, here are the details:
-20/03/2023- > 22/03/2023 WL/OG PRE SALE
-23/03/2023 PUBLIC SALE
Added on March 23, 2023