Inner Degens Drop

June 15, 2022
CompanyInner Degens
Price0.02 ETH
If you look deep down inside yourself right now, you will find there is a Degen somewhere inside of you. Degen season is officially here and us Degens are winning! Each Inner Degen Nft is a visual representation of the Degens that live within us all. Are you ready to meet yours?

⭐ MAX 1 Inner Degens per wallet. No need to be greedy. Let’s give everyone the chance to meet their Inner Degens.

⭐ We are reserving 1,000 Degens for our team. These will also be used for promotions and future giveaways.

⭐ Max Supply 10,000. First 5000 = FREE MINT. Remaining 4000 = 0.02 Eth (Optimized Low Gas Contract)

No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. Created by Degens for Degens.
Added on June 15, 2022