Hermes – The Messengers Mint

February 4, 2023
CompanyHermes - The Messengers
Price0.039 ETH
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Project Info:
“Hermes - The Messengers” (or “Hermes” simplified) is an innovative NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Hermes stands out with super cute and high quality art, created by a renowned agency, but also with its unique approach of bringing your NFT to live with AR. This project does not have unlimited funding, but was rather created by an enthusiastic team that will customize your Messenger with love.

How does it work?
Mint it, customize the banner and let Hermes speak for you! Whether it is a personal message, taking a stand or even promoting your emerging business:
Your message deserves to be heard!

In Greek mythology, Hermes is considered the herald of gods. He is the son of Zeus and Maia and was gifted with incredible speed, aided by his winged sandals. That’s why Hermes is often associated as the Messenger of Gods, delivering messages between the worlds of the mortal and the divine. Now we have brought a new version of Hermes into the 21st century!

Quick Info:
Supply: 500 (10% legendary)
Price: 0.029 ETH WL / 0.039 ETH Public
Mint Date: February
Added on February 4, 2023