Grumbies Eternal Entry

March 23, 2023
CompanyMetaseed Labs LLC
Price.04 ETH
  • #nft
Welcome to Grumbies! The Grumbies Eternal Entry is dropping exclusively on OpenSea. After the mint a snapshot will be announced and holders of the Eternal Entry will be airdropped a Grumbie granting them access to the initial Grumbies Genesis Battle. In addition to the Grumbies Genesis Battle, the Grumbies Eternal Entry will give holders access to all future endeavors in the Grumbies universe. The goal of the Grumbies Eternal Entry is to allow users to access an ecosystem of future Grumbies NFT games, each with their own unique dynamics and gameplay. Follow our Twitter and turn on notifications to learn how you can earn allowlist spots and for all project details.
Added on March 23, 2023