Gazoomia – Safely buy, sell and mint gaming NFTs

April 5, 2022
CompanyGaming Guild of Gazoomia
Gazoomia’s NFT reduces your trading fees and grants you early access to WLs of NFT games on our upcoming gaming NFT marketplace.

We building the next-gen gaming NFT marketplace by improving on the existing shortcomings of current marketplaces, especially for gaming NFTs:

  1. Safety

  2. Discoverability/focus

  3. User experience


1. Doxxing each creator before listing.

2. Focusing only on gaming NFTs (in-game assets) and collections for upcoming NFT games via our own launchpad.
3. Give game developers the opportunity to customize their page on our marketplace to adjust it to their own needs, instead of having to build a marketplace themselves.

Collection info:

Collection size: 10,000

Chain: Solana

Pre-mint price: 0.66 SOL

Mint price: 1 SOL
Added on April 5, 2022