Fuck Apes Exhibitions

March 19, 2023
Price1.5 SOL
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The Fuck Apes is an Anti-Fascism collection of 4444 (1/1) graffiti Sprayed on Meta-Walls. Our Apes exist on the Solana blockchain, armed with 85 Fucking Traits. Fuck Apes is A community-driven project made under the label of CiCKartworks, featuring artworks by CiCK (The artist behind; I AM NOT BANKSY, Ape Souls, AwkwardCats, PicaLions, DISOBEY Punks, Punked ups, Elon Monst and Fake Banksy Punks).
We've made Fuck Apes to show our protest and anger to the BAYC, which supports Fascism in our lovely colorful Metaverse. As we protest against an NFT collection, we choose the NFT as the medium for expressing our protest.
The main goal of this collection is to increase awareness about the cruelty and darkness of Fascism (precisely the BAYC case with its hidden fascism symbols) to the newer generation who might not be fully aware of the history behind this non-human Idea.
Join us and raise your middle finger! That's all we need!
Our middle fingers are limitless.

Project's Roadmap/Current Activities/Utilities:
Year 1:
Our goal is to grow the Fuck Apes community to 1000+ members through active engagement and promotions. We will continue to release new and unique Fuck Apes artworks with special traits and features. We plan to collaborate with other NFT projects and artists to expand the reach of our collection. We also aim to apply to NFT art festivals to showcase our collection and increase its visibility.
Year 2:
Our target is to increase the CiCKartworks community to 20,000 members. We plan to develop a breeding game to automate stake and refunds, making the process more user-friendly for NFT holders. In addition, we will launch a merchandise line featuring Fuck Apes artworks. We also aim to organize charity events to support anti-fascist causes and raise awareness.
Year 3:
Our aim is to grow the CiCKartworks community to 30,000 members. We plan to schedule meetings with renowned art collectors and establish connections with auctions to showcase our artworks. Moreover, we aim to launch a mobile app for NFT management and trading, expanding our team to include more developers, designers, and community managers.
Year 4:
Our plan is to collaborate with mainstream artists to create crossover artworks. We aim to establish partnerships with brands and companies that align with Fuck Apes' values. Additionally, we will launch a virtual gallery for Fuck Apes artworks and create exclusive events for NFT holders and community members.
Year 5:
Our objective is to expand the Fuck Apes collection with new concepts and themes. We plan to organize a physical exhibition of Fuck Apes artworks and launch an educational program to raise awareness about anti-fascism and other social issues.
Added on March 19, 2023