Free NFT and ZED Horse Giveaway

November 3, 2021
ALION NFT is a collection of NFTs that aims to provide holders access to frequent Tournaments, Live Events, Original Content, and more while remaining charitable and community-driven.

This collection of NFTs is about allowing everyone to enjoy the competition that comes with an esports tournament and it's various features/settings to be fully realized and accessible for everyone! The current climate in regards to esports is one of waiting for an opportunity to knock on your door. ALION NFT allows you to knock on opportunities door instead. It allows you to bet on yourself.

We want to bring esports even further into the mainstream while providing everyone a fair opportunity to play. After all, it's all about the game isn't it?

Currently, we are a small community (largely because we have just started). However, we have no doubt in our mind that we will continue to grow as a community and truly bring this vision to life!

Aside from opportunities in gaming (i.e. tournaments with prizes, competing on our official esports team, etc), we intend to reward our holders with all sorts of other experiences as well. We are actively planning many live events, such as concerts from well-known artists, IRL gaming tourneys, Conventions, and more! Plus, we intend to produce original content such as documentaries on gaming and esports as well as ZERO TO HERO (a series that follows "low-skill" gamers as we pair them up with a coach and get them the best gear to see if it's possible to go from low-skill to high-skill in 30-60 days!)

There are tons more that we intend to do so please do check out a more detailed rundown of what we have going for us at our official website and come join our discord while you're at it. We are here to answer any questions you may have. And when we aren't answering questions we are engaging with out community!

Thanks for reading!

Added on November 3, 2021