Fly To The Moon Public Mint

February 5, 2023
Company"Fly to the Moon" by Crypto Wish Club
  • #collectible
Have you dreamt about space travel before?  Let's achieve the dream through this NFT "Fly to the Moon" to be launched on the FULL MOON Sunday, 2/5/23 4pm UTC/11am EST!

Moon has been always around us, for us to look up, to and influence us in many ways in our lives.  We have heard so many times somebody saying "Go to the Moon!"  because Moon has become to be far enough yet, the closest natural satellite for us to be able to reach in our mind despite the real distance.  This collection emphasizes our built-in feel toward the Moon.

As an increase in rarities, we have included 25 flying mini objects (hoping you can relate to one of them), 25 Constellations (let's find the real position of stars), and 40 double mini Moons! Wait, actually, they are the third Moons since the basic composition has 2 Moons already – One Full Moon and One Waxing Crescent.
At last, we have added the elements from Frank Sinatra: Trilby Hat, Bow tie, and Handkerchief with musical note-shaped spaceships to emulate his famous song "Fly Me to the Moon".
Let's go to the Moon together!
“Fly to the Moon” is the third collection by Crypto Wish Club which sold out 2 previous collections: “InLove” and “Sassy the Chick'n Kimono” available on Opensea.
Crypto Wish Club makes your wishes come true with NFTs in gazillion ways through our collections with Fantastic Fantasy.
Each collection in Crypto Wish Club has a secret symbolic positive message to wish to enhance holders' life in general.
Our motto is to create make-you-feel-good NFTs in your wallet and we hope our NFTs will move your life forward in many ways!
Over time, we'll encourage the NFT community to submit your wishes, so we can create NFTs to achieve your goals.  We'd like to grow with you, the NFT community.
Added on February 5, 2023