First Belgian PFP-collection: mint ETH NFT and get ordinal free airdrop

March 20, 2023
CompanyBelgianFrens NFT & Ordinals
Price0.01 ETH
  • #collectible
BelgianFrens is the first Belgian PFP-collection on Ethereum and also on Bitcoin.

Next to future benefits for holders of our BelgianFrens NFT, we wanted to give our early minters immediate value:

Therefor you will receive 1 free BelgianFrens Bitcoin-ordinal for each Ethereum BelgianFrens NFT that you mint before March 31, minting price will also go up after March 31 to 0.05 ETH.

BelgianFrens NFT are 10.000 unique generative pixelart-NFT's.
Already a verified collection on Venly, the biggest Belgian NFT-marketplace.
A collection and project with utility.
A frontrunner in Belgium.
Founders with a mission: to bring Belgian companies to the blockchain as the biggest Belgian NFT-agency.

BelgianFrens Bitcoin are 10.000 unique Bitcoin-inscriptions, on-chain digital artefacts, using the artwork from BelgianFrens NFT but different metadata which makes them 2 seperate collections. BelgianFrens Bitcoin-ordinals can not be minted but are rewarded to minters and holders of a BelgianFrens NFT on Ethereum.

How to claim your free BelgianFrens Bitcoin-ordinal?

Mint your BelgianFrens NFT's before March 31, then access our closed Discord, open up a priority ticket, and send us your transaction ID + number of BelgianFrens NFT you minted + ordinals-wallet address where we can airdrop your BelgianFrens Bitcoin-ordinals.

BelgianFrens NFT and BelgianFrens Bitcoin-ordinals can be traded separately.

If you have questions, please contact us in our Discord.
Added on March 20, 2023