First Ape Wives Club Drop

October 26, 2022
CompanyWomen of the Metaverse (WOTM)
First Ape Wives Club (FAWC), founded by Amanda Archer and Farah Selena, will release an NFT PFP collection of 11,111 unique, rare beauties—an homage to powerhouse women who have shaped the course of modern history. The collection includes a giveback of 5% of the company treasury that will benefit women-led organizations that support female representation and creators.

Agency Enterprise, a leading product and venture studio driven by world-class developers, data scientists, and designers, partnered with Women of the Metaverse (WOTM) to officially launch the first-of-its-kind NFT collection, FAWC.

FAWC’s collection will provide new social utility for NFT holders. In addition to offering travel perks and once-in-lifetime experiences, the team is also reinventing access to creative projects in the entertainment industry, opening doors that have typically been guarded by gatekeepers. FAWC’s utility will focus on expanding inclusivity in media, growing their community by providing opportunities to participate in film and television. One of FAWC’s first initiatives will be to highlight members of their community by giving them the ability to spend a day on the set of a woman-backed independent feature, shadowing the writer/director, producers, and actors.

FAWC represents modern day pop culture with neon colors, cheeky expressions and detailed jewels of historical lore. Each of the 11,111 FAWC NFT tokens will be stored as ERC721 tokens, so each one will have unique identities based upon hand-drawn traits by FAWC Artist-in-residence Javeria “Jerry” Shah. FAWC’s roadmap also includes development of television and film extensions through a partnership with Fandomodo Films, an upcoming game, an exclusive line of jewelry from Phia Broadus, a custom line of cosmetics, exclusive events, and merchandise in both the Metaverse and real world.

The FAWC collection will drop on the recently launched Token Runners NFT marketplace, a new Agency Enterprise skunkworks company. Token Runners is a white label, fully customizable NFT marketplace that is both chain agnostic and endlessly scalable. Agency Enterprise has selected the Flow blockchain for its first NFT drop because it was designed to create more secure, frictionless and environmentally-friendly blockchain experiences.
Added on October 26, 2022