FermintedFruitz NFTs

September 22, 2022
We are dedicated to creating real world value with an interactive community who holds a vested interest through their NFTs

Our project will be multi-faceted and will be released in waves as we progress down our roadmap

We understand some of you may have had a full on Degen Summer, and ferminted on a rug too hard recently; so we are here to help repair those damages and prove not all NFT projects are the same. We have several unique ways that we plan to give back to those early investors in our project.

First we will be ferminting 3,333 Ferminted Grapez to the Ethereum network. Our minting tiers will be the first way in which we reward those early investors in our project. We will mint in 3 tiers; including 2 Whitelists called our Ferminted and Bruised Fruit lists, and a public mint. Ferminted Fruit will be our most coveted role, allowing 833 free mints!!! Bruised Fruit will mint the next 1,000 at .01 ETH, followed by 1,500 public mints at .015 ETH. This way those who are loyal to the community from the start can earn themselves a free mint before the public mint starts.

We will be doing plenty of ETH and NFT giveaways to consistently engage and reward those following along with us - so be sure to keep your eyes out for any and all giveaways

Most importantly we will be using our Grapez to be our Genesis token, that you will use to get a free mint from EVERY future collection we drop.

Each collection we drop will be one piece to our full vision, so be sure to follow along and fill your baskets full of Fruitz

...but enough Alpha for now

Stay Ferminted, Fruitz
Added on September 22, 2022