DOD NFT Games Mint Date On Magic Eden

May 24, 2022
CompanyDOD NFT Games
Price1.5 SOL
Mexican festival
“The Day of the Dead”.(DOD) A rare Mexican festival on the 2nd of November, celebrating Life and death (el Día de los Muertos), where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink, and celebrate by decorating alters with bright Roses & marigold flowers. Dia de los Muertos fashion for women gets even better with skeleton print dresses and brightly decorated sugar skull faces.

The NFT collection
DOD NFT Games is a limited collection of 2000 stunning animated 3D characters from Mexico’s festival, “The Day of the Dead”. The NFT collection are beautifully designed on the Solana blockchain and includes a shared community driven revenue from a unique double or nothing Solana game. The sugar skull colourful designs are represented in Roses, skulls, spiders, sequins, face paint with many different designs

The Solana game
The double or nothing game allows players to bet on eyes open or closed with special jackpot prizes of x4 when the characters face changes. The game also includes global & my stats, recent games & winning streeks with FREE referral games on adding new players. Each character gives an enigmatic smile on both winning results and NFT animation. This highly entertaining Solana game is an interesting twist on a coin flip.

Virtual horse race
We will be adding additional games after our initial character release.
Artwork will commence one week after mint on new 3D animated DOD NFT horses on the same theme with brightly decorated crystal skulls with flowers and colours. dirt track & offer player token with numerous daily races. The NFT Horses will be a part of a new virtual horse race with interactive racetrack that will zoom in out to any part of the race designed as an old-fashioned dirt track & offer player token with numerous daily races, grand nationals, and world cup prizes.

NFT holders
We intend to build a grandstand for existing DOD holder characters with extra shared revenue. We will also create metaverse NFT stables surrounding the racetrack, decorated with flowers, crystal skulls, with lots of colours and will offer multi capacity real estate purchase for additional revenue.

Future projects
We also have plans for a beautiful female collection of Halloween characters and a standalone game with animated spiders and snakes coming out of eyes and mouths with play to win snakes, spiders, and ladders.

The team
Deskjock reviews started in in 2013 as a reputation management portal to help businesses improve Google reviews. Deskjock is a well-known brand for product and service reviews in the UK with 26525 businesses registered and over 1 million reviews. Our platform allows our customers to invite reviews by SMS text, email or QR code and then retargets them with referral-based animated stories. One of the biggest video shares in our collection is from the day of the dead. We have 5 core team members
Added on May 24, 2022