DeFiCon – Los Angeles

March 25, 2022
CompanyNFT Thought Leaders
Price$399+ US Dollars
DeFiCon is a top cryptocurrency conference coming up by March in Los Angeles. DeFi, crypto, and NFT communities consist of more than only profit maximalists, degens, as well as gamblers, and Ponzi apes – they are full of daring and creative innovators. Our ecosystem thrives on accessibility, participation, building, creativity, and even a little weirdness. Peer-to-peer crypto has and will become the evolution of the human organization and the future of France, open to anyone and everyone who wants to contribute.

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When and Where

As a nonprofit conference, the focus shifts from maximizing profit to maximizing the experience for the attendees. We will donate all proceeds above the event’s cost to charity while unifying the crypto community under one house. The goal is to ensure the value is found at our event and to inspire both new participants and people already familiar with DeFi. Join DeFiCon’s ecosystem event to hear from top protocols, investors, activists, creatives, as well as builders, and more in December.

NFT Art Spring Mixer Registration Details

The event was a massive success with over 20,000 people attending, 40+ presentations with over 80 speakers. 2022 will be larger, with 5,000 people expected in a hybrid in-person and virtual experience. In 2021, we had protocols like Compound, Aave, Balancer, CREAM, SushiSwap, as well as INstaDapp, Algorand, Hedera Hashgraph, dForce, and 1Inch present. We expect DEFICON 2022 to have twice that, providing you business and technical knowledge.

Location: Los Angeles, US
Number of Attendees: 20000+
Ticket Prices: $399+
Speakers, Panelists: The speakers include top CEOs and Founders of various companies around the world
Added on March 25, 2022