DeFi Casino + Zero House Edge Trading Game

March 31, 2022
CompanyThe Vault
Price0.1 ETH
The Vault is building a DeFi casino where users can participate as NFT holders, liquidity providers and players! As this is a decentralized casino anyone is free to invest into the casinos bankroll A.K.A 'The Vault' and be a liquidity provider. Profits are then split between NFT holders and liquidity providers.

Furthermore the team is developing a zero house edge game that brings the trading and gambling worlds together. It will consist of a live randomly moving stock chart that players can buy or short and cash out at anytime for a profit/loss.

Read Whitepaper for more info.

Max Supply: 9191

1. Monthly dividends
2. Voting rights
3. VIP Player and rakebacks
4. Liquidity provider early access and discounts
5. Community Access

Put the cards in your favor!
Added on March 31, 2022