DC Blockchain Summit 2022 – Washington

May 24, 2022
CompanyChamber of Digital Commerce
PriceUS$999 US Dollars
The Chamber of Digital Commerce will host the DC Blockchain Summit in Washington this year. The Summit will bring together global blockchain advocates and thought leaders throughout government, financial services, and technology. Join us as we work together to advance the adoption of blockchain technology in Washington, DC, and beyond.

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When and Where

DC Blockchain Summit will be held on May 24th, 2022 in Washington DC. The Summit 2022 will feature discussions with policymakers as well as innovators, and technologists, including in-depth conversations with policymakers and regulators on the issues impacting the growing blockchain landscape. Additionally, The DC Blockchain Summit is the premier gathering of the most influential people who are focused on public policy for digital asset and blockchain innovations.

DC Blockchain Summit Registration Details

In addition to this, the Summit will adhere to all current Federal, as well as State, and Local regulations regarding COVID-19. However, more details about specific policies will be communicated to attendees closer to the event. Registration is on the official website. Blockchain technology offers immense opportunities for business, as well as government, and consumers. Nevertheless, Its ability to improve processes, increase cost-efficiency, and promote transparency in numerous industries is transforming the ways in which we do business. Finally, It brings together the worldโ€™s leading pioneers across the blockchain ecosystem, policymakers, academics, and others for critical discussions on the issues that will define the future of our industry for decades to come.

Location: Capital Turnaround 770 M Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20003, United States
Number of Attendees: 1000+
Ticket Prices: $999
Speakers and Panelists: This includes speakers such as CEOs, Founders, Investors as well as many others.
Added on May 24, 2022